City council is going to ask the federal and provincial governments to put more money into the Calgary drug treatment court. The court is an alternative justice venue for people suffering drug addictions who break the law. Rather than simply sentencing and imprisoning offenders, the court ensures people undergo treatment for their underlying problems. Officials
It was Christmas Eve 2014 and Ryan Curry was waiting in a rundown motel to do a drug deal.  He said that when the police arrested him instead, he was almost relieved.  “There was a point in time where I didn’t think I could ever get out,” said Curry, 28 years old and now clean. “But I
An opioid crisis is driving a rising demand for the Calgary Drug Treatment Court, the program’s CEO says. Arla Liska said for about the past two years, the program has not been able to meet demand. “There, for some time now, has been significantly more demand than we can meet,” said Liska. “And we know
A federal court program to divert drug addicts away from prison and into treatment is still not reaching the people it was supposed to help: aboriginals, women and youth. A new evaluation says the program is largely helping white males over the age of 30, the same skewed population a previous assessment warned about six